inFurnace Theatre presents Stone Cold Dead Serious by Adam Rapp

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Contact : Stuart Fink, Artistic Director

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Stone Cold Dead Serious, by Adam Rapp. A play about a family on the edge of disaster, and the son willing to do anything to save them.


inFurnace Theatre is a Montreal-based company dedicated to bringing artistically challenging and thought-provoking theatre to the young adults of English Montreal. Its plays will focus on the “now”, plays written in the last fifteen years that resonate with this generation. It will provoke and shake up the status quo. Most importantly, its plays will affect our souls, cause us to question what is morally right or wrong, and excavate what we, as a society, would prefer to keep buried. 


            This will be the first full-scale production of Adam Rapp`s work in Montreal.



Director`s Notes:


What draws me to work on Stone Cold Dead Serious is how the characters are all committed to the pursuit of happiness. It ends with Shaylee, the sister, saying that she wants her family to be “happy” and not just “not-sad”. So many people of my generation are content to float through their twenties, thinking that as long as they’re getting by they’re doing fine. I want to showcase how different and inspiring it is when somebody like Wynne, our protagonist, breaks out of that pattern and goes to extraordinary lengths to help those he loves. It has a ripple-effect on his surroundings, forcing everybody to think: “Well, if he can do it…why can’t I try a little harder?


Stone Cold Dead Serious is, in many ways, an ugly play. It puts a spotlight on the type of dysfunction and trauma that many modern-age families deal with. But what I love about the play is that even with all their problems, they are doing all they can (from double-shifts at the diner to blow-jobs) to keep their family afloat. I respect that, and I believe that when audiences witness the struggles of the Jericho family it will put their own lives in perspective, renew their faith and help them reflect on their personal struggles.” – Stuart Fink


The production will run at Espace 4001 from October 3rd-13th. For more information, please visit




If you have any questions or to schedule an interview please contact:

Stuart Fink ( or 514-918-8320


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